Testers Wanted: Modest Sewing Patterns


Because some of my sewing patterns are very unique it is not always easy finding pattern testers. Even within the pattern tester community, it is not always easy finding enough testers for my everyday wear. Usually, sewing pattern designers try to find at least one tester per size. My last call for the Sabriya Maxi Wrap Skirt I was not able to do so.  With my Girl's Khimar pattern and the Everyday Abaya I had no one. So today I am putting out the call.

I do have a few patterns in the works, I am hoping to release a very much requested and very easy to sew later this month. Testers will get a free copy of the final pattern for their input and review. If you would like to test do follow my Instagram page. There I will put out the call for testers.

Until next time, happy sewing...