Printing Pdf Sewing Patterns: Adobe Acrobat vs Web Browser Pdf Readers


Pdf sewing pattern

Not all pdf readers are the same. Take note of the above picture, the test page on the left was printed using a web browser pdf reader, and the one on the right with Adobe Acrobat, they are both printed with the same settings. This is why I encourage you to always do a test print, as you can see the web browser shifted the pattern down a bit and cut off part of the pattern. 

I am not familiar with how these pdf readers work and why it shifts the pattern but with Adobe it seems to work a lot better. I have only used Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome so there are a lot of others out there but to be safe and not waste time and paper I encourage you to use Adobe's reader which is free to use for viewing and printing pdfs. 

Until next time, happy sewing and printing...