Women's 2 Cube Khimar Sew Along View 5 and 6


Welcome to the Women's 2 Cube Khimar sew-along for views 5 and 6. For this design, you only need fabric, thread,  optional stretch lace, and a pattern. After printing your pattern please refer to the pattern assembly here or in the instructions

Starting with the snood (piece "C")


1. With piece "C"  laying flat and unfolded, fold up 1 inch/2.5 cm along the top of piece “C” to the inside and press.

                                         modest pdf sewing pattern

2. Fold up the additional 3 inches/ 7.6cm along the top of piece “C” and stitch in place.


Double fold the bottom edge using a ½ inch/1.3cm fold and stitch in place.


Optional: On the right side of the snood add a piece of lace, making sure it is within the front hem allowance.


And stitch in place making sure to use a stretch stitch.


Fold piece “C” in half matching the center back seam and stitch. Press seam and then open


The Main Khimar

With right sides together stitch center front seam using 5/8 inch /1.5cm seam allowance to circle. Press seam flat then open.


Turn seam allowance for face opening to the inside and stitch using a zigzag or stretch stitch ½ inch from opening. Press



Hem bottom of khimar using a double turned ½ inch/1.3cm fold for a full 1 inch/2.5cm hem and press.

Until next time, happy sewing...