Women's 2 Cube Khimar Sew Along Views 1 and 2


Welcome to the Women's 2 Cube Khimar sew-along for views 1 and 2. For this design, you only need fabric, thread, and a pattern. After printing your pattern please refer to the pattern assembly here or in the instructions

modest sewing pattern sgs khimar

For views 1 and 2 I don't need the outward notch so they can be cut off. 
modest sewing pattern sgs khimar

Turn your fabric inside out or right sides together if is not already.

Step 1: Mark your center front "sew to" point, circle mark is for stretch fabric and the lower notch is for woven fabric. I like to make an "X" using my pins so I know not to sew beyond this point. For the rest of the center front seam, I just pin it as usual.
modest sewing pattern sgs khimar
Step 2: Sew your center front seam using a 5/8 or 1.5cm seam allowance. Once done press your seam allowance flat and then open.
Step 3:Turn seam allowance for face opening to the inside and stitch using a zigzag or stretch stitch ½ inch from opening. Press

For this stitch I used the honeycomb-looking stretch stitch on my Singer sewing machine, it is one of my favorite stretch stitches to use when I don't want a straight stretch stitch.
Step 4: Hem bottom of khimar using a double turned ½ inch/1.3cm fold for a full 1 inch/2.5cm hem and press.

Again for this hem, I used the honeycomb-looking stretch stitch to keep the stitching consistent but a regular straight stretch stitch or small zigzag stitch will just be fine.

Here is the finished khimar,💖

Until next time, happy sewing...