Women's 2 Cube Khimar Sew Along Views 7 and 8 (Woven Khimar)


Welcome to the Women's 2 Cube Khimar sew-along for views 7 and 8. For this design, you only need fabric, thread, and a pattern. After printing your pattern please refer to the pattern assembly here or in the instructions.


For the under-scarf, you will want to hem all around using a 1-inch hem. I like to make a double-turned hem by first pressing up 1 inch.

Then, folding the top of the edge to the inside and press again and the stitch in place.

When doing the corners I just fold them one over the other as seen below. 

Once I get to the end of one side, I just simply lift my sewing machine's presser foot and pivot the fabric.

Your under-scarf is all done and we are ready to move onto the main khimar.

For the main khimar you can use the directions for views 1 and 2 here, just remember to use the notch for wovens when making this khimar. When making the longer khimar remember your fabric fold is along the width of the fabric and not the length of the fabric. You may also need to do this on the floor if you do not have a table large enough to accommodate your fabric without it hanging.

Until next time, happy sewing...