Women's 2 Cube Khimar Views 3 and 4 Sew Along


Women's khimar sewing pattern

Welcome to the Women's 2 Cube Khimar sew-along for views 3 and 4. For this design, you only need fabric, thread, and a pattern. After printing your pattern please refer to the pattern assembly here or in the instructions


1. Cut a small notch at the upper center back of piece "A". This notch should be tiny, just enough so that you can tell the center mark.


2. Fold piece "B" in half along the center fold line with the right side of the fabric facing out or wrong sides together.


3. Stitch along the outer unfinished curved edge using a 0.5 inch /1.3 cm seam allowance. 


4. With right sides together, match the notch made in piece "A" with the center pin mark of piece "B" and pin together.


Pin the ends of piece"B" to the notches on piece "A"


Stitch piece "B" to piece "A" using a 5/8 inch/ 1.5cm seam allowance stretching piece"B" to fit.


5. Starting at the center front notch for knits I like to make and "X" with the pins, so I know where to stop,


and then continue the pinning down the center front.

Stitch the center front seam

6. Fold back the rest of the 5/8 inch/ 1.5cm hem allowance along the top of the khimar to the inside/wrong side. Press in place.


7. From the right side, stitch along the top pulling the cap (piece “B”) and the khimar (piece “A”) in opposite directions to flatten hem.

8. Hem the bottom edge of khimar using a double ½ inch/1.3cm fold for a complete 1 inch/2.5 cm hem.

Now that was easy.
Until next time, happy sewing...